The college has academically qualified and experienced principal with the band of dedicated teacher educators to form and train the student-teachers for the 21st century education. A well equipped and furnished library with a digitalised knowledge resource centre is at the service of both the student-teachers and the faculty to develop their intellectual potential. All the teacher educators are adapting a variety of innovative teaching-learning techniques, role-play, symposium, seminar, workshop, debate, group discussion, interactive e-learning, demonstration, etc., to strengthen the student-teachers' academic skills and training.

By giving preference in admission, the college encourages the disadvantaged (physically, socially and economically) student-teachers to pursue their professional education in the college unbiased. Training on communication and soft skills and personality development are provided for the student-teachers' self-development. They are motivated to participate in the discussions on socio-economic and cultural issues of the nation to make them aware of the challenges of the society. All the international, national, regional and religious festivals are meaningfully celebrated with the active participation of the student-teachers and the staff which leads to imbibe the core values such as patriotism, secularism, brotherhood, social justice, etc. As a result, they become the agents of social transformation that leads to the national and global development as well.